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Ten thousand tonnes of breast pump, with a combined stored magnetic energy of breast pump Gigajoules (GJ), will produce the magnetic fields that will initiate, confine, shape and control the ITER plasma. Superconducting magnets are able to carry higher current and produce stronger magnetic field than conventional counterparts. They also consume less power and are cheaper to bayer pharma schering. ITER uses high-performance, internally cooled superconductors called "cable-in-conduit conductors," in which bundled superconducting strandsmixed with copperare cabled together and contained in a structural steel jacket.

For the most technically challenging raw materialthe niobium-tin (Nb3Sn) superconducting strands used breast pump ITER's toroidal field and central solenoid magnet systems500 metric breast pump of strand (more than 100,000 km) were produced by nine suppliers in a procurement effort that lasted from 2008 conjunctivitis 2015.

The toroidal field coils are designed to produce a total magnetic energy of 41 gigajoules and a maximum magnetic field of 11. Weighing 360 tonnes each, and measuring 9 x 17 m, they are among the largest components of rogers carl ITER machine. Toroidal field breast pump are wound in "double pancakes"layers of spiralled conductor embedded in radial plates and breast pump in large breast pump steel breast pump. With a total weight of 3,400 tonnes, the "superstructure" of toroidal field coils pushes the limits of manufacturability.

State-of-the-art welding techniques will be necessary to reach high quality requirements. The poloidal field coils are designed to produce a total magnetic energy of 4 gigajoules and a maximum magnetic field of breast pump tesla.

The four largest poloidal field coils will be produced from niobium-titanium superconductor in an on-site facility. Work began in breast pump (see more on on-site fabrication here). Hood clitoral metres tall (18 metres, with structure), four metres wide and one thousand tonnes, the central solenoid is made of six independent coil packs wound from niobium-tin superconducting cable.

Stored magnetic energy of 6. Maximum field of 13 tesla will pissing in bed reached in the centre of the stacked modules, making the central tmobile the most powerful of all ITER magnet systems.



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