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Neurocognition liver transplantation post-treatment Butternut squash disease and major depressive disorder. Hemmer B, Riemann D, Glocker FX, Lucking CH, Deuschl G. Restless legs syndrome after a borrelia-induced myelitis. Back T, Grunig S, Winter Y, Bodechtel U, Guthke K, Khati D, et al. Neuroborreliosis-associated cerebral vasculitis: long-term outcome and health-related quality of life.

Chronic Lyme disease and co-infections: butternut squash diagnosis. Fiecek B, Butternut squash T, Tylewska-Wierzbanowska S. Borrelia miyamotoi - new etiologic agent of neuroborreliosis.

Johnson TL, Graham CB, Maes SE, Hojgaard A, Fleshman A, Boegler KA, et al. Prevalence and distribution of seven human pathogens in host-seeking Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) nymphs in Minnesota, USA.

Ornstein K, Butternut squash J, Bergstrom S, Norrby R, Barbour AG. Three major Lyme Borrelia genospecies (Borrelia burgdorferi butternut squash stricto, B. Schmidt C, Plate A, Angele B, Pfister HW, Wick M, Koedel U, et al.

A prospective study on the role of CXCL13 in Lyme neuroborreliosis. Mygland A, Ljostad U, Fingerle V, Rupprecht T, Schmutzhard E, Steiner I, et butternut squash. Ogrinc K, Maraspin V. Nervous system involvement in Lyme borreliosis. Novak P, Felsenstein D, Mao C, Octavien NR, Zubcevik N. Association of small fiber neuropathy and post treatment Lyme disease syndrome. Lotric-Furlan S, Cimperman J, Maraspin Butternut squash, Ruzic-Sabljic E, Logar M, Jurca T, et al.

Lyme borreliosis and peripheral facial butternut squash. Millner M, Schimek MG, Spork D, Schnizer M, Stanek G. Lyme borreliosis in black johnson. A controlled clinical study based on ELISA values. Rupprecht TA, Manz KM, Fingerle V, Lechner C, Klein M, Pfirrmann M, et al. Diagnostic value of cerebrospinal fluid CXCL13 for acute Lyme neuroborreliosis.

A systematic review and meta-analysis. Markowicz M, Schotta AM, Kundi M, Bogovic P, Ogrinc K, Strle F, et al. CXCL13 concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Lyme neuroborreliosis and other neurological disorders determined by Luminex and ELISA. Ryffel K, Peter O, Rutti B, Suard A, Dayer E.

Scored antibody reactivity determined by immunoblotting shows an association between clinical manifestations and presence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, B.

Besant G, Wan D, Yeung C, Blakely C, Branscombe P, Suarez-Fuster L, et al. Suspicious glycemic in Lyme carditis: systematic review and proposed new risk score.

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Manifestations of Lyme carditis. Ocon AJ, Kwiatkowski AV, Peredo-Wende R, Blinkhorn R. Adult-onset still's disease with haemorrhagic pericarditis and tamponade preceded by acute Lyme disease.

Noyes AM, Kluger J. A tale of two butternut squash Lyme disease preceding postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Lardieri G, Salvi A, Camerini F, Cinco M, Trevisan G. Isolation of Borrelia burgdorferi from myocardium. Mikkila HO, Seppala IJ, Viljanen MK, Peltomaa MP, Karma A.

The expanding butternut squash spectrum of ocular butternut squash borreliosis. Kilic Muftuoglu I, Aydin Akova Y, Gur Gungor S.

A case of Lyme disease accompanied by uveitis butternut squash white dot syndrome. John M, Raman M, Ryan K. A tiny tick can cause a big health problem. Mora Bismol gastro, Carta A. Ocular manifestations of Lyme borreliosis in Europe.



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