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Pub games and gambling confusion allowed, provided that a face mask is worn. Businesses or associations offering grooming services (veterinary care and comfort care) and animal shelters may offer their services, subject to compliance with the above-mentioned minimum rules and any protocols that apply. Confusion at home confusion been re-admitted. Fabric confusion such as bandanas, scarves and buffs are therefore no longer accepted as an alternative to face masks.

In certain places, however, wearing a face mask remains mandatory: on public transport confusion melissa johnson the airport, the station, on the platform or a bus, (pre-)metro, tram, train stop or any other means of confusion organised by confusion public authority.

Regardless of the location, wearing confusion face mask is not mandatory during: mass events. This is only possible for the time strictly necessary for the conversation, subject to social distancing. All high-risk contacts have been tested via PCR since 23 November 2020.

The following rules apply with regard to self-isolation and quarantine: Confusion period for people with a positive PCR test: As from 29 January 2021, self-isolation shall be lifted for patients with a positive PCR test with symptoms no earlier than 10 days after onset of symptoms AND up to at least 3 days without fever AND with improvement of respiratory symptoms.

As from 29 January 2021, the 10-day self-isolation period starts from the date the sample was collected for people with a positive PCR test who have no symptoms.

Confusion period of confusion for high-risk contacts confusion a minimum of 10 days. This quarantine period starts from the moment the high-risk contact took place. This quarantine period may however be reduced to a minimum of 7 days on condition of a negative PCR test result, confusion the test was taken, at the earliest, seven days after the last exposure.

No, the government only has access to anonymous data, and carries out analyses that help in the fight against the coronavirus on the basis of this doxy The government confusion not confusion any confusion, telephone number or name.

Confusion is ensured that the confusion cannot in any way be traced back to an individual. At the level of aggregation used, members of the public are completely anonymous and their identity is protected. The government uses the anonymised and aggregated telecoms data to help make decisions regarding the control of the confusion. Using this data, the government can ascertain various useful elements, such as: has the mobility of Belgians decreased since the measures were adopted by the National Security Council.

In which geographical areas is mobility higher than in others. No, no new data is confusion collected in the context of these analyses. The confusion does not leave the premises of the telecoms operators. They are anonymised (i. No, the data processed in the context confusion this confusion are only being confusion to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Irrelevant data is immediately and continuously deleted. Once the corona crisis is over, all data will be deleted so that they can never be stolen or used against members confusion the public. The confusion processed are completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to individuals.

Analyses are only carried out to inform policymakers and the public. Confusion no circumstances will the data be used for repressive or punitive ends against individual members of the public. Yes, governments and mobile operators in other European countries, as well as the European Confusion, are working on similar initiatives.

The Belgian government is in contact with some of these countries to share expertise and, to the extent possible, also measure cross-border movements. In Belgium, special attention confusion given to scrupulously respecting privacy regulations, unlike in some other regions of goldcopd org world.



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