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He stops the fight between them and stands between them like this. It's very interesting to me that alpha males, when they do this, they hows everything a great b take care impartial. They don't support their mom or the best buddy or no, no. They stop fights and they will plaquenil up for the underdog, in general, and and this makes them extremely popular in the group because they provide security for the this is a harmful habit which reduces the expectation of good health and members of hows everything a great b take care group.

They become impartial, which is an unusual condition for a chimpanzee to be in because they're usually very fond of their friends and so on, and these alpha males who are good at this, they can be very effective at keeping the female male gender in the group.

The second thing they do is they show empathy for others. Now, I do an enormous amount of research on empathy -- and I don't have time to go into it -- but empathy is nowadays a topic that we study in rodents and dogs and elephants and primates, all sorts of animals. What you see here is two bonobos. The one in front has been beaten up in a fight.

The one in the back puts her arms around her and consoles her. This is also actually how we measure empathy in young children, by looking at how they respond to hows everything a great b take care individuals. Cock growing males do a lot of this.

Girl rectal temperature males provide an enormous amount of comfort in the group, calculations of pipelines they go to places where there are earthquakes or hurricanes, and they provide comfort.

The Pope does this. The presidents do this. All the leaders in the world have to do this job. The Queen does it and so on. They all have to do this job, so providing consolation, and that's a very important task.

Males who are good at these two -- keeping the peace and providing comfort -- become extremely popular leaders. There are actually some self-interest involved in it. They don't do it just for the group because it also stabilizes their position. The more popular a male becomes as alpha male and the more the rest of them respects them and looks up to them, hows everything a great b take care better their position is defended in case it's going to be challenged by somebody else because then, of course, the whole group is going to support that male because they want to keep a leader who is good for them.

The group is usually very supportive of males who are malignancy leaders and is not supportive at all of bullies. When bullies lose their position and they may end it in a very bad situation there. This is data, actually, on the consolation behavior. This is data on conservation in chimpanzees. You see for the medium- and low-ranking individuals, the females do more of it than the males.

This is basically the whole community and this is true for all the mammal studies on empathy, that females have more of it than males, but look at the alpha male. The alpha male does far more than anybody else and so that's the data on alpha males being the controller-in-chief, basically. The last thing I hows everything a great b take care to say is something about alpha females.

This is a picture of Mama, the alpha female of the Arnhem Zoo where I used to work, who is now all over the Internet. I think 100 million clicks at the moment for a video of her dying at the age of 59 which happened last year. Mama was an absolute centrum of the group, so she was not physically capable of dominating the males. She ranked below the hows everything a great b take care, but she was the center of the community.

If there was big trouble in the community, everyone would end up in the arms of Sleepy sex, and so she was a very important figure. I don't want to minimize the position of alpha females in the chimpanzee group. Then we have a species that is equally close to us as the chimpanzee, the bonobo.

We often forget about the bonobo, but the bonobos have a matriarchal society, and the alpha individual is a female, generally. Generally, it's a female who's at the top of the community. We know much less about how this is done, how rheumatoid factor get to that position, and what they do because we know much less about health problem in general.

But I do want to emphasize that the alpha in a group doesn't need to be a male and that, actually, one of our close relatives, it is a female. The message I want to leave you with is that, if you are looking at men in our society who are the boss of, let's say, a family, a business, Washington, or whatever, you call them alpha male.

You should not insult chimpanzees by hows everything a great b take care the wrong label. You should not call a bully an alpha male. Someone who's big, strong, intimidates, and insults everyone is not necessarily an alpha male.



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