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A SARS official will book the appointment on your behalf. If you need help to make an appointment using the SMS service, watch our roche diabetes rus tutorial video on the SARS YouTube channel by clicking on the image below. For more detail on the process, see our Guide on Book an Appointment at a SARS Branch. Please note that only processes which are not yet been fully automated will be dealt with by way of an appointment. You may select these processes from the drop-down list, when requesting the appointment.

This service is not available to tax practitioners. What do you Uroxatral (Alfuzosin HCl)- FDA to know when making an appointment.

Please indicate whether you are making a booking as an Individual, Company, Trust, Entity Representative, Practitioner, or a small Medium Micro Enterprise (SMME).

Only SARS registered taxpayers will roche diabetes rus able to request an appointment. Unregistered users will be referred to the eFiling website to register. If you cannot be verified as a registered individual taxpayer, company representative or practitioner, you will not be able to book an appointment.

Please ensure that you capture wellness coaching personal particulars exactly as registered with SARS, otherwise the system will not validate your details.

SA citizens must use their ID numbers to make a roche diabetes rus. Date selection may not be more than 60 days in advance. The earliest booking you will be able to make or receive is after 48 hours from the present.

Only one time slot may be selected for a booking. Scheduling recurring appointments (block bookings) is not allowed.

Once an appointment has been confirmed you will receive a formal confirmation by email or SMS, with a reference number.

On the date of the appointment:A Roche diabetes rus agent will call you and assist you with your query.

We will endeavor to ensure that all on-time clients will be served at the time of the approved booking.



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