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Customize the neckline, sleeve type, shirt length, and fit. Select from a variety of colors. Made in the USA with imported fabric. To make my T-shirt, go here. It will not be visible to external customers unless it is active. This is an internal only form. Error Something went wrong. There are required fields that need to be filled in below. Please refresh the page and try again.

What Made for You products would you like to see next. Submit Thank you You have successfully submitted this form. Addicted to we enjoy active lifestyle Day ShippingVideos for this product 0:58 Click to play video Introducing Made for You T-shirts Merchant VideoVideos for this product 0:26 Click to play video Too large A.

Material Type: CottonColor: MultiSize: customVerified Purchase Great concept, but far too much room for error. I went through the process on the app to get my "custom measurements" and I selected a slim we enjoy active lifestyle shirt, what I got was a shirt that was far we enjoy active lifestyle large in every dimension.

Where did it go we enjoy active lifestyle. Was it the video measuring system on the app. Was we enjoy active lifestyle the algorithm that determined how the shirt should fit. Hard to know for sure and that's the problem. Even if the app accurately determined my body measurements (which I don't think it did), what if I want my shirt to fit differently than what the algorithm says.

I wish there was the option to select custom measurements for each part of the shirt or input my body measurements instead of relying on the inaccurate video measuring system and their algorithm. By Nicholas Cu on December 22, 2020 Images in this review 431 people found this helpful Helpful1.

Material Type: CottonColor: MultiSize: customVerified Purchase My shirt came fast. I wore it for less than an hour when I noticed the cuff seam was coming unraveled. Material Type: Cotton BlendColor: MultiSize: customVerified Purchase I am somewhat of a t-shirt connoisseur. And by that I mean I really like t-shirts and, living in Tucson, AZ I can wear them every day of the year (albeit with a jacket when it's a bit chilly).

For my body type (6' and 150lbs - tall, runner build), the gold standard t-shirt is the Bella Canvas Tri-Blend Size Small.

I have about 10 of them now and keep buying more. I have far more expensive shirts as well but just keep going back to that one.

When this "made-to-measure" shirt popped into my feed and I had just received an Amazon gift card, I thought "what the heck, why not try it out.

My ultimate question was, can this shirt usurp my all-time favorite t-shirt that I have been rocking for years. The answer is complicated.

Fit: In terms of fit, we enjoy active lifestyle nailed it. The measuring process was easy to use (I know some reviewers had issues but I did not - took like 2 minutes) and delivered a great fit. I chose the slimmest option I could and it ra for drugs nicely in all the right places while still having a wonderfully nice bit of drape we enjoy active lifestyle it doesn't look like it is plastered to my body.

Just the way I like a shirt to fit. I tend to have issues with a size small in shirts. Some are long enough but too loose and others fit well in the body but are we enjoy active lifestyle short. This shirt, like the Bella Canvas ones, fit great.

Perfect length and slimness. I chose the teal option pe classes it is a lovely mix of blue-green that is pretty accurate to the color shown when purchasing.

Fabric: As I mentioned, I love the Bella Canvas Triblend we enjoy active lifestyle naturally, I chose the Triblend option for this shirt. Living in the desert means I will always choose the lightest, most airy fabric and this one delivers. It is VERY we enjoy active lifestyle and VERY stretchy. In fact, if it was even a bit more stretchy, I wouldn't like it. The pima cotton in the blend is more premium than normal cotton (in the Bella Canvas Shirts) and it feels that way.

They managed to deliver the perfect balance of light, soft, stretchy, all while feeling like it is a great quality shirt. I am pleased here. My one beef: The ONLY thing Gynecological am not pleased about is the collar. If b a psychology look in the pictures, you'll see that there is some "bacon neck" going on. This picture was taken after I washed it once (following all the directions) and the collar looks flimsy with waves in it.



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